OPW Fluid Transfer Group Lends Support, Industry Knowledge to Ethanol And Biofuel Markets

By OPW | Oct 16, 2006

Riverside, MO – With roots in the petroleum industry dating back to 1892, OPW Fluid Transfer Group, a part of Dover Corporation, has been a leader in developing products for use in the safe handling of many types of hazardous fuels. Today, OPW Fluid Transfer Group is pleased to announce it has formed a team to focus on the biofuels industry. With a combined 30-plus years of experience in working with ethanol, the newly formed group at OPW Fluid Transfer Group believes that biofuels – ethanol, biodiesel, etc. – are key components in the current and future motor fueling industry.

Due to the safety concerns in handling all types of biofuels and the aggressive nature of ethanol in particular, OPW Fluid Transfer Group is currently conducting tests of several types of fluid-handling products for compatibility with various metals and seals. The company manufactures products that are used in the production process, transportation, terminalling and loading/unloading of biofuels. OPW Fluid Transfer Group has committed many resources to help the biofuels industry meet their needs of safe and long-lasting products.

"OPW Fluid Transfer Group is a member of the Renewable Fuels Association (RFA) and the American Coalition for Ethanol (ACE). Our membership in these leading industry organizations allows us to share new product information and application knowledge with the biofuels market," said Gary Schriever, newly appointed Market Manager for Biofuels. The company will also be exhibiting at the upcoming Eastern Region and Western Region BBI Biofuels Workshops and tradeshows.

OPW Fluid Transfer Group is currently in the process of developing an integrated suite of biofuel-compatible products, using all six divisions of OPW Fluid Transfer Group's products. The Group is comprised of OPW Engineered Systems, Midland Manufacturing, Civacon, Knappco and OPW Fluid Transfer Group – Europe.

For more information on the OPW Fluid Transfer Group's ethanol and biofuel-compatible products, please go to www.opw-ftg.com or contact Gary Schriever, Market Manager, Biofuels at (800) 547-9393 or gschriever@opwftg.com.

OPW Fluid Transfer Group, organized in 1998 and part of Dover Corporation, is comprised of six market-leading operating companies — each dedicated to designing, manufacturing and distributing world class solutions that assist in the safe handling and transporting of hazardous bulk products. The Group is comprised of three market units: Chemical and Industrial, Rail and Cargo Tank, and six market-leading operating companies: OPW Engineered Systems, Midland Manufacturing, Civacon, Knappco and OPW Fluid Transfer Group – Europe. The company has manufacturing plants in North America, Europe, Brazil and India; it has sales offices in the United Kingdom, Singapore, and Shanghai. For more information, please visit www.opw-ftg.com.