OPW Fluid Transfer Group Presents Equipment Safety Benefits at Clorosur

By OPW | Dec 11, 2006

São Paulo, Brazil - OPW Fluid Transfer Group, part of Dover Corporation, recently participated in a technical presentation on the safety benefits of its equipment when transporting chlorine and alkalis at Clorosur's 9th Safety Transportation Meeting for Chlorine and Alkalis, and 5th Technical Seminar. The seminars took place in São Paulo, Brazil on November 21-22, 2006 and brought together representatives from many countries throughout North and South America. Hosted by Clorosur, the association representing the Chlorine and Alkalis industry in South America, the seminars are focused on educating the chlorine, alkalis and derivatives' manufacturing and transportation industries on the proper handling techniques and systems throughout the supply chain.

"The safe handling of chlorine, alkalis and other hazardous materials is a top priority for OPW Fluid Transfer Group. We have a tremendous amount of experience in designing and manufacturing products specifically for the safe handling of chlorine, alkalis and other hazardous chemicals," said Marcos Freri, General Manager for OPW Fluid Transfer Group – South America based in São Paulo, Brazil. "Taking part in these seminars organized by Clorosur allows us to share new product information and application knowledge with leaders in the chlorine and alkali markets."

"OPW products endure the most rigorous testing in the industry. We are constantly leveraging what we learn from our tests to develop new equipment that uses leading-edge safety technology to benefit manufacturers and shippers of hazardous materials," stated Marcelo Varricchio, Product Manager for OPW Fluid Transfer Group – Brazil. "Due to the safety concerns in handling all types of hazardous liquids and materials, OPW Fluid Transfer Group conducts tests of several types of fluid-handling products for compatibility with various metals and seals."

OPW Fluid Transfer Group products are used in the production process, transporting, loading and unloading of hazardous bulk materials, such as chlorine and alkalis. OPW Fluid Transfer Group has committed substantial resources to the development of safe and long-lasting products to help meet the needs of the chlorine and alkali industry.

For more information on the OPW Fluid Transfer Group's chlorine and alkalis’-compatible products, please go to www.opw-ftg.com or contact Marcos Freri, General Manager, at 55-11-5564-6466 or MarcosFreri@opwftg.com.

OPW Fluid Transfer Group, organized in 1998 and part of Dover Corporation, is comprised of six market-leading operating companies — each dedicated to designing, manufacturing and distributing world class solutions that assist in the safe handling and transporting of hazardous bulk products. The Group is comprised of three market units: Chemical & Industrial Processing, Rail, and Cargo Tank, and six market-leading operating companies: OPW Engineered Systems, Midland Manufacturing, Civacon, Knappco and OPW Fluid Transfer Group – Europe. The company has manufacturing plants in North America, Europe, Brazil and India; it has sales offices in the United Kingdom, Singapore, and Shanghai. For more information, please visit www.opw-ftg.com.