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Fibrelite Tank Sump Vacuum Testing 

Product Demo | OPW Global Accounts Manager | Jonathan Stong | Part 1 

Hear about our OPW environmental products in an interview from UNITI 

Product Demo | OPW Global Accounts Manager | Jonathan Stong | Part 2 

Find out about the range of OPW valves in an interview from UNITI 

Product Demo | OPW Global Accounts Manager | Jonathan Stong | Part 3 

Learn more about OPW’s fuelling nozzles in an interview from UNITI 

Hear from an OPW distributor | Alain Lemaire | Fuel Tech Distribution 

Listen to one of our long-standing distributors talk about the KPS product range in an interview at UNITI expo 

Product Demo | OPW European Sales Manager | David Crowther 

Learn about Fibrelite’s below-ground tank chamber in an interview from UNITI 

OPW Distributor | Nicos Vassiliou | Hellenic Technical Enterprises 

Get to know one of our long-standing distributors in an interview at UNITI expo 

Product Demo | KPS Product Expert | Staffan Helleday 

Get to know one of our long-standing staff members in an interview from UNITI 

Meet an OPW Distributor | Jacque Williams | Berrys 

Hear from one of our long-standing distributors in our on booth interview from UNITI 

KPS: The Installer’s Choice – Hear From an Installer

KPS is proud to provide a piping solution that allows the most efficient installations possible for both non-conductive and conductive. Highly engineered compact fittings reduce the number of welds required and subsequent build time. In this video KPS approved installer Tom Bindley of CP installations talks about his experience with KPS and shows how installation of a 75/63 integrated fitting only takes a single weld!

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Composite Access Covers Tested Under 32,500 lb (14.7 Tonne) RV: Fibrelite & Competitor

It’s very difficult to look at a composite access cover and know how it will perform over time and under repeated heavy wheel loads. The simplest way to test and measure this is by level of deflection. Excessive deflection indicates a lack of stiffness and potentially leads to fatigue and premature failure in manhole covers.

Repeated deflection beyond the elastic limit results in permanent deformation. Permanent deformation presents safety issues with rain water pooling on the manhole cover, the cover no longer seating correctly within the frame and ultimately failure of the cover.

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PetrolPlaza UNITI expo video review - Part 2 Forecourt equipment & construction

Part 2 Forecourt equipment & construction. More Information on

OPW Corporate Overview

OPW has been the global leader in fueling solutions since 1892. Over this time, OPW has earned more patents and brought more innovative products to market than any other petroleum equipment manufacturer. Part of Dover Corporation, OPW's mission is to revolutionize fueling operations worldwide by optimizing reliability, safety, efficiency and environmental sustainability through innovative fuel handling and information systems. This video illustrates OPW's superior global operations,product lines, and manufacturing and customer service capabilities that lead the way in fueling innovations worldwide.

Three Leading Brands. A World of Fueling System Solutions.

OPW, the global leader in underground storage tank equipment, piping and secondary containment products, including the innovative Loop™ System has joined forces with Fibrelite, the global leader in light weight composite access covers and fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) containment sumps and KPS, the leader in high density polyethylene (HDPE) Fusion underground piping systems for retail fueling sites to create a unified global force to deliver the most comprehensive underground fuel transfer and containment solution on the planet. No matter your application or where you are in the world, we've got you covered!

PetrolPlaza video review from Autocomplex 2013 in Moscow, Russia - Part 1

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This video review features interviews with: OPW, Carman Kobza, Managing Director EMEA, Denis Pokrovsky, Executive Director Russia, CIS, Baltic Tatsuno RUS, Viktor Gordov, Director Wayne, a GE Energy Business, Damian Tracey, President EMEA, Andrei Belomestnyh, Regional Director, Russia & CIS