Midland TankTite Handle receives OPW Special Recognition Announcement

By OPW | May 20, 2016

To prevent valves from accidentally opening in the event of a train derailment or accident, the rail industry requested a handle design that would disengage from the valve during transit.


Chris Pankiewicz Standing Next To The Tank-Tite Handle System.

Chris Pankiewicz, an engineer at Midland MFG in Skokie Illinois, developed a solution.

The Tank-Tite handle is a detachable handle design that is straight forward, simple and reliable. The handle disconnects from the valve during transit so the valve cannot be accidentally opened.When the car is ready to be unloaded, the operator can engage the handle and open the valve — all in the line of sight of the operator. This design helps prevent the potential for a valve to open during a derailment and also eliminates the need for crawling beneath the car to engage and disengage the handle during unloading. of the industry.

Midland's Tank-Tite handle system has just started production, and is now offering the ergonomic and secure solution to meet the needs of the industry.