OPW Fuel Management Systems FSC3000™ Now Available with IP Authorization Gateway

By OPW | Aug 18, 2011
Hodgkins, IL — OPW Fuel Management Systems is proud to announce that it now offers the OPW Petro Vend IP Authorization Gateway for use with its FSC3000™ fuel site controller. By utilizing the IP Authorization Gateway, the FSC3000™ now has the capability of using an Internet connection instead of a dial-up phone line to authorize fleet and credit card transactions, creating a better on-site experience for customers with faster transaction approval times.

The IP Authorization Gateway gives fleet owners and retailers the ability to deploy the FSC3000™ over a high-speed IP connection. Compared to phone lines that transmit at only 24 Kbps, IP networks transmit at 100 Mbps, delivering faster, more reliable transactions. The IP Authorization Gateway creates a secure outbound IP connection for card authorizations while allowing for inbound communications to the fuel control system. Unlike other converter devices, the IP Authorization Gateway is certified to communicate with OPW Petro Vend standard card authorization networks, including Paymentech™, NBS, CFN, T-Chek™, TCH, Intevacon and Fuelman®.

Features of the IP Authorization Gateway include:

· Faster card authorization transaction times 

· Ships pre-configured for Plug & Play installation 

· PCI Compliance ensures cardholder data security 

· Dial-up back-up port activates automatically for uninterrupted processing 

· Reliable IP connection eliminates dropped calls, ghosting and lost authorizations 

· Saves money by eliminating a phone line

· Longest warranty in the industry – 5 years offered by Abierto Networks (includes 12 months offered by  OPW after installation)

· Tested and approved for use with the OPW Petro Vend FSC3000™ and System2® Fuel Site Controller  (Please note: System2® is not PCI Compliant)

OPW Petro Vend FSC3000™ fuel site controllers, the heart of most OPW fuel control systems, stores transaction data and vehicle records, including fueling restriction data critical for proper fleet management. The fuel site controller can store thousands of proprietary cards and transactions, so even the largest operations have room to expand. Programming is done right from a PC and simple menu choices guide users through setup and daily operations. The FSC3000™ is compliant with Visa U.S.A. Payment Application Best Practices (PABP)/Payment Card Industry Payment Application Data Security Standard (PCIPA-DSS) guidelines restricting user access to sensitive cardholder data.

About OPW Fuel Management Systems:

OPW Fuel Management Systems specializes in the design and manufacture of tank gauges and automated fuel control systems. OPW Fuel Management Systems is a business unit of OPW Fueling Components, the leader in commercial and retail fueling solutions worldwide. For more information on OPW Fuel Management Systems, please go to www.opwglobal.com.