OPW Fuel Management Systems Announces New FSC3000™ Kardall Network Option for the Canadian Market

By OPW | Sep 08, 2011

Hodgkins, IL – OPW Fuel Management Systems and Kardtech Incorporated (Brampton, Ontario) have entered into a marketing partnership agreement for the Canadian market and announce the official launch of the Kardall Remote Fuel Access Technology. 

The FSC3000™ Kardall network option gives the user the ability to access the online host 24/7 as opposed to local authentication via a local controller solution. The Internet “Cloud” operating system has been designed to streamline fuel data transaction capture, resulting in savings of time and money as well as increased system security for the site operator.

At its root, the Kardall system simplifies fuel-management operations. For instance, a site operator with multiple fueling locations currently would need to maintain his card file of authorized users at each location. Now, thanks to the OPW/Kardtech agreement for the Canadian petroleum market, site operators can install the FSC3000™ unit outfitted with the Kardall network option. Kardall’s “Cloud” operating system – which has the ability to store virtually an unlimited number of authorized users and track an infinite number of fueling transactions – will be able to control and monitor every transaction at all operator fueling sites.

The network option also offers site operators a systematic diagnostic data notifications feature that compiles and downloads the current day’s transactions and looks for errors that may have occurred within the fueling system. If any termination codes have been triggered, their specifics are compiled in an e-mail that is sent to the site operator. This is a quick, convenient way to review what is happening at fueling sites and can provide an indication of potential problems within the system, all through a smart phone or remote Internet connection.

Another major benefit of the new network option is the instant a fueling transaction is completed it is recorded in real-time on the Kardall host. This prevents anyone from authorizing a second refueling from anywhere within the fuel operator’s entire network. 

Additionally, users have the option of implementing the Trak-iT™ Fleet Freedom® electronic monitoring and tracking system. Fleet Freedom helps site operators locate, track and manage their assets using cutting-edge wireless and GPS-based technologies, no matter the network or device, all on one screen. This information is delivered to a compact mobile device with service available anywhere you can see the sky. In addition to knowing where your mobile assets are at any time, tracking them with Fleet Freedom helps reduce fuel costs, increases security, improves routing and scheduling capabilities, shortens delivery windows, produces enhanced idling reports and enables effective monitoring of “personal use” policies.

For more information on the FSC3000™ network option or OPW Fuel Management Systems, please call (708) 485-4200 or visit www.OPWglobal.com

About OPW Fuel Management Systems:

OPW Fuel Management Systems specializes in the design and manufacture of tank gauges, tank level monitors; tank, sump & monitoring well gauges, and sensors & systems for liquid level monitoring & leak detection, and automated fuel control systems. OPWFMS is part of OPW, a Dover Company (NYSE: DOV). Founded in 1892, OPW is the global leader in dispensing products, environmental products, fuel management systems and clean energy fueling products.

About Kardtech Incorporated:

Kardtech Incorporated has been serving the cardlock industry for 25 years by specializing in the sale, service and installation of automated petroleum equipment. As such, Kardtech is a distributor for a wide variety of petroleum-related products, as well as an authorized Petro Vend service provider. Kardtech is an approved contractor through Canada’s Technical Standards and Safety Authority, and a member of both the Ontario Petroleum Contractors Association and Petroleum Equipment Institute.