OPW Fuel Management Systems Launches SiteSentinel® Integra™

By OPW | Oct 09, 2012
Hodgkins, IL – OPW Fuel Management Systems, part of OPW Fueling Components, is pleased to announce the launch of its new SiteSentinel® Integra™ Tank Gauge Monitoring System, a fully integrated fuel-site monitoring and testing system. OPW’s new SiteSentinel® Integra™ has been designed to be an easy-to-install replacement for legacy tank-gauge systems that have become obsolete due to evolving consumer-safety demands and compliance regulations.  

The heart of the new system is the SiteSentinel® Integra™ Console, which provides complete tank monitoring, inventory management and environmental compliance testing through the incorporation of the latest computer technology, while allowing users to view data directly from anywhere in the world via Ethernet, USB, RS-232/RS-485 and modem communication ports. The console helps lower installation costs by reducing the number of wires that need to be connected to the Integra system’s probes, sensors and leak-detection devices. In addition, all digital devices are automatically detected and configured using the console’s 15” touch-screen interface, which requires the least amount of menu navigation to access critical data.

Other standard-setting components from OPW that are featured in the Integra system include:

IntelliSense™ Interstitial, STP Sump and Pan Sensors. OPW’s IntelliSense™ Smart Sensor technology allows users to install probes and sensors using fewer wires in the field. The SiteSentinel® Integra™ Console is able to monitor all critical areas of the fueling site via the same wire. Thanks to this patented technology, the console can monitor areas such as the tank interstice, piping sumps, STP containment sumps, dispenser sumps/pans and monitoring wells.

Model 924B Magnetostrictive Probe. OPW’s versatile probe accurately and reliably monitors product and in-tank leak testing in storage tanks filled with gasoline, diesel, ethanol or biodiesel.

Model 327 Volumetric Line Leak Detector (VLLD). Rather than depending on pressure-decay levels to determine leak rates, the VLLD uses a highly accurate flow sensor to accurately and reliably measure the product line’s leak rate every time.

SiteSentinel® VSmart Module. This optional component adds installation flexibility as well as expands the capacity of probes and sensors on the SiteSentinel® Integra™ Console. The VSmart Module can communicate to the SiteSentinel® Integra™ Console via TCP/IP, 485 or 900 mhz directional antenna.  For more information on the SiteSentinel® Integra™ Tank Gauge Monitoring System, or any other products from OPW Fuel Management Systems, please visit www.OPWGlobal.com.  

OPW is the global leader in dispensing products, environmental systems, secondarily contained fuel delivery systems, fuel management systems and clean energy fueling products, including dispensing nozzles for vapor recovery, gasoline, diesel, LPG, Hydrogen and CNG; swivels, breakaways, valves and fittings; underground and above ground storage tank equipment, spill containers, overfill prevention devices, secondary containment sumps and flexible piping; tank gauging equipment and automated fuel management systems.  OPW is part of the Dover Energy™ Segment of Dover Corporation (NYSE: DOV).