OPW Fuel Management Systems Petro Vend 100® Now Available

By OPW | Feb 20, 2013

Hodgkins, IL – OPW Fuel Management Systems, part of OPW Fueling Components, is pleased to announce the availability of its new Petro Vend 100® (PV100®) Fuel Control System. OPW originally debuted the PV100 at the 2012 NACS Show in Las Vegas, NV, with rave reviews. The PV100 is now available for shipment as a stand-alone, pedestal-mounted fuel-control system that is ideal for use by small or mid-sized fleet operators who require one- or two-hose control at their unattended fueling sites.

The PV100 is a true “turnkey system” in which the unit is shipped ready-to-use with 50 pre-configured users. Designed for quick-and-easy installation, the PV100 requires only power, along with pulser and hose-control connections, in order for system operation to be initiated. The PV100 stores dispensed fuel amounts as card- and pump-specific totals, which can be viewed on the display screen or retrieved with an external USB flash drive. System configuration is menu-driven and takes place at the terminal, eliminating the need for PC-required software.

Other user-friendly features of the PV100 include:

  • User-selectable PINs, from three to six digits in length, that allow only authorized users to dispense fuel
  • Hose-based quantity restrictions
  • A dual manual-pump-override control that enables pump relays and the recording of dispensed fuel volumes over a specific time
  • Manager Card access in on-screen manager mode that allows program-parameter adjustment, the viewing of card and pump totals, and the ability to transfer data to a USB flash drive
  • Optional dual-head magnetic card available
  • Optional HID proximity key-fob readers (available this Spring)

For more information on the Petro Vend 100® Fuel Control System, or any other products from OPW Fuel Management Systems, please visit www.OPWGlobal.com.

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