Phil Carlin to Speak at WPMA on Pacific Pride Processing Solution

By OPW | Feb 17, 2014

HODGKINS, IL - In July of last year, the manufacturer of the authorization component of the SmartLock system announced that they will be ending support for Pacific Pride's existing SmartLock installations. In order to correct the current market misconception that OPW will no longer offer a Pacific Pride processing solution, OPW Fuel Management Systems President, Phil Carlin, has been invited to speak at Pacific Pride's break out session at the WPMA show in Las Vegas. Phil Carlin's speaking engagement during the Pacific Pride breakout meeting will be held at the Mirage Hotel on February 19, at 7:00 a.m.

This presentation will provide Pacific Pride Marketers, and site owners who process transactions on the network, a detailed depiction of the impending updates to the OPW FSC3000™ site controller. After this presentation, Phil will be available for questions regarding these updates to help alleviate any potential concerns customers may have during this transitional period in their transaction processing logistics. In a direct effort to help our customers during this transition, OPW is proud to announce that a new version of the OPW FSC3000 Pacific Pride site controller is currently under development to enable site operators who use the Pacific Pride network to continue to process transactions with minimal changes to their equipment or site configuration.

This new system will allow existing Pacific Pride installations to retain significant portions of their existing site infrastructure investment while allowing direct authorizations, via the Internet, of all the cards currently accepted at their Pacific Pride SmartLock-equipped sites. The new controller will be available, and fully field-tested, by Summer 2014, which will offer site operators ample time to make the switch before the SmartLock's "sunset" date.

Marketers with existing FSC3000 fuel site controllers will be able to update their controller, while marketers operating the System2™ site controller will be able to seamlessly upgrade to a new FSC3000 site controller. Whether updating your existing FSC3000 site controller or upgrading your System2 site controller, any investment in other existing OPW FMS equipment, including the C/OPT™ island terminal and existing mechanical and electronic pump controls, remains intact.

For more information, please visit WMPA booth 514 to speak directly with an OPW representative. For additional information on OPW, please visit

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