OPW Launches Industry’s First Fibrelite GRP Above Ground Fill Sump Range

By OPW | Apr 24, 2014
OPW is pleased to announce the launch of the industry’s first Fibrelite GRP above ground fill sump range. The new GRP above ground fill sump range – including model S22SH-2/AGF – is the result of collaboration with a global oil company and has been specifically designed to replace existing concrete sumps and connect to existing underground piping for easy installation.
Featuring Fibrelite’s fuel resistant Viton® entry boots, the new GRP above ground sump range has been designed to incorporate up to seven remote fill lines and one vapor recovery stage VR1b. Due to its highly innovative design, the GRP above ground sump range provides superior secondary containment while the upper spill tray can contain up to 21 gallons (83 liters) of discharged fuel. The GRP above ground sump range is also available with an earth cable kit to ground the system, and the watertight-hinged double doors provide secure and easy access to the fill points.
Singapore-based Kwong Ngee Engineering PTE Ltd recently completed the first installation of the new GRP above ground fill sump range. On this particular installation, the lower sump and spill tray were supplied as solid components. This allowed the holes to be drilled on site in order to fit the configuration of the existing underground piping.
New Fibrelite 1.2m Octagonal Tank Access Chamber
In conjunction with its new GRP above ground fill sump range, Fibrelite is also launching a new range of Fibrelite 1.2m octagonal tank access chamber systems. The new eight-sided chamber system has large flat walls to accommodate eight entry/exit angles for piping and conduit and features a corbel riser that is chemically bonded to the chamber to create a liquid-tight joint. The new system has also been designed to make height adjustments quick and easy while at the same time accommodating fall levels. The system is supplied with a Fibrelite FL90 900mm diameter watertight flat sealed cover, and both C250 and D400 load ratings are available.
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