Diesel Exhaust Fluid is DEF-initely On The Rise

By OPW | Sep 16, 2011

By now, every trucker and fleet owner knows that Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) is being used to control diesel engine emissions in order to meet EPA tailpipe emission standards. By passing these new regulations, the EPA created a whole new market in the nation's motor-vehicle fueling industry, with DEF on the verge of becoming a multi-million dollar a year segment.

Although volume estimates vary, there is no question that the demand for DEF will grow in future years, with some estimates putting total DEF consumption in the U.S. at more than 600 million gallons by 2015. With projections like these and the demand for DEF on the rise, it is no surprise that many fleets and truck stop retailers are beginning to purchase DEF and the equipment needed to dispense it. In addition, some larger fleets have begun installing bulk quantities of DEF to service SCR-equipped trucks at central locations, and a couple of large truck shop chains have installed specially designed DEF dispensers on the fuel islands.

For example, Pilot Flying J recently announced that by May 1, 2012, DEF will be available from 1,800 fuel lanes at 300 Pilot Flying J locations nationwide. Beginning in the 4th quarter of 2011, Love's Travel Stops & Country Stores will begin installing bulk containers for DEF at 50 of its truck stops. In addition, TravelCenters of America expects to install about 50 on-island DEF dispensers at locations across the country in the coming months with many more locations to follow.

For more information on where DEF can be purchased, please check out the following DEF finder maps.

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OPW Fueling Components Provides Cost-Effective DEF fueling Solution

As the DEF dispenser infrastructure grows, so to will the issue of the possible mis-filling of DEF into a truck’s diesel fuel tank. By using different nozzle sizes, the EPA has ensured that diesel will not wind up in the DEF tank; however, they have not done anything to address the problems that could arise if DEF is mistakenly put in the diesel tank. If DEF is mistakenly put in a diesel tank, some serious and expensive engine repairs could be in order. And in addition to the maintenance costs incurred, there are also additional environmental concerns if a mis-filling does take place.

To help avoid DEF mis-fillings, OPW Fueling Components has provided a cost-effective solution: the OPW 21Gu DEF nozzle and Mis-Filling Prevention Device. The 21Gu is a proven technology that has been standardized by the European trucking and fueling industry and is a fail-safe way to alleviate any mis-filling concerns by truckers and fleet owners. The 21Gu Mis-Filling Prevention Device (MFPD) is inserted into the fill pipe of the DEF tank onboard a truck. If a driver inadvertently tries to fill their diesel tank with DEF, the 21Gu nozzle will not open. After noticing that nothing is being dispensed, the driver will realize the error and fill DEF into the correct tank. The 21Gu nozzle includes a magnetic device that, when inserted into a MFPD, activates and allows product to flow freely.

To learn more about the OPW 21Gu nozzle and how to avoid DEF mis-fillings, please read the article from the UREA/Diesel Exhaust Fluid Supply Supplement. And remember to leave use your feedback.

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