Keeping March Madness Fans Up-To-Date

By OPW | Mar 14, 2012

As every college basketball fan knows, the 2012 NCAA Men's Basketball Championship kicked off a few days ago and March Madness is officially underway. This year's tournament is projected to be one of the best in many years, and not just because of the talent on the court. It has also been predicted to be one of the most followed athletic events in recent memory, with the availability of new technology and the popularity of social media outlets playing a key role in this prediction.

Just as the tournament itself has evolved over the years, so too has the way college basketball fans stay up-to-date on all the latest tournament news. The days of listening to the radio, reading newspapers and even watching one game at a time on TV are gone. You can now watch games online, on your iPhone, iPad and Android phones; download tournament smartphone apps; get instant updates via RSS Feeds; watch game highlights on YouTube; and receive all the latest news over Twitter and Facebook.

OPW's Social Media Presence Marches On

Just as the NCAA has done, OPW is also taking advantage of new technology and has increased its social media presence to help keep its "fans" informed. OPW's expanding portfolio of social media sites include YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, and have been designed to create an online community where anyone can easily keep up-to-date on OPW news and activities important to the industry. In addition, OPW has plans to unveil a new mobile website in the next few months that will make finding complete OPW product information on your tablet and smartphone easier than ever.

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