The Advantages of KYNAR® (PVDF) in Fuel Piping

By OPW | Jun 29, 2012

KYNAR® (PVDF) is an engineering thermoplastic widely used in the most aggressive of fluid handling applications. Its fluoropolymer chemical structure makes it incredibly inert, dense, and permeation resistant. So the question is, "What’s KYNAR (PVDF) have to do with me and my fueling site operation?" The answer is that for over a decade KYNAR (PVDF) has been the material of choice in the manufacture of underground fuel piping systems.

When compared to other less sophisticated resins, KYNAR (PVDF) outperforms them by exponential margins in every important category regarding chemical resistance. For example, Nylon 12 struggles significantly in motor fuels when alcohol is added. Nylon’s physical properties deteriorate and permeation levels increase dramatically in ethanol fuels. Not only is the density of KYNAR (PVDF) 62 percent higher when compared to Nylon 12, but KYNAR’s (PVDF) permeation resistance is also 10 times greater. All of these factors play a significant role when developing fuel piping and chemical resistance is top of mind.

Celebrating 15 Years as the Gold Standard

When first developing its underground fuel piping in 1997, OPW Fueling Containment Systems philosophy was simple – develop the best fuel pipe in the world by using the best materials in the world. That’s why KYNAR (PVDF) has always been at the heart of OPW Fueling Containment Systems underground fuel piping. With a 50-year track record in the world’s most demanding chemical handling applications, the time-tested and proven performance of KYNAR (PVDF) has helped OPW Fueling Containment Systems provide its customers with a higher level of protection against pipe deterioration and permeation.


With this in mind, OPW Fueling Containment Systems is pleased to announce that it is celebrating its 15th anniversary in the underground fuel piping business. While many other manufacturers of fuel pipe have come and gone over the years, OPW Fueling Containment Systems continues to set the Gold Standard in underground fuel piping, consistently and reliably supplying petroleum marketers with the best performing, innovative and trusted fuel piping systems in the industry.

For more, please read the new Gold Standard Fuel Pipe Brochure.

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