DEF Mis-Filling And How To Avoid It

By OPW | May 08, 2013

DEF-Mis-Filling-And-How-To-Avoid-ItAs the Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) dispenser infrastructure grows, so to does the issue of the possible mis-filling of DEF into a truck’s diesel fuel tank. If DEF is mistakenly put into a diesel tank, some serious and expensive engine repairs could be in order. While classified as a non-hazardous chemical, DEF can be extremely corrosive to some metals. This is especially true within a truck’s fuel system since many of the materials used inside the fuel lines are not compatible with DEF. So if a DEF mis-filling does occur, it could negatively affect the entire fuel system and result in complete engine failure.

If a DEF mis-filling incident occurs, the below preventative actions can be performed to help avoid additional engine damage:

  • Properly flushing and cleaning all fuel lines and fuel pump
  • Servicing the fuel filter
  • Inspecting fuel line assembly and fuel vent fittings
  • Removing and cleaning the fuel injectors
  • Installing a new water fuel separator
  • Removing and flushing all existing fuel from the tank and inspect the tank

The most effective way to avoid DEF mis-filling is to actually stop it before it occurs by utilizing the proper DEF dispensing equipment. One such piece of equipment is an OPW 21Gu DEF nozzle that includes a Mis-Filling Prevention Device (MFPD). This solution is a fail-safe way to alleviate any mis-filling concerns by truckers and fleet owners. The 21Gu MFPD is inserted into the fill pipe of the DEF tank onboard a truck. If a driver inadvertently tries to fill their diesel tank with DEF, the 21Gu nozzle will not open. After noticing that nothing is being dispensed, the driver will realize the error and fill DEF into the correct tank. The 21Gu nozzle includes a magnetic device that, when inserted into a MFPD, activates and allows product to flow freely.

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