When Choosing a Safety Breakaway…Consider a Reconnectable Design

By OPW | Aug 09, 2013

Not every safety breakaway has been designed to be reconnected after a pull-away incident, but many breakaways do have the ability to be put back in to service immediately by reconnecting the separated halves. These safety breakaways are typically referred to as “reconnectable breakaways.”

66RECMuch like rebuildable and disposable models, reconnectable breakaway models are designed for installation on fuel dispensing hoses and to separate when subjected to a designated pull force. Upon separation, dual valves seat automatically to stop the flow of fuel and limit fuel spillage, while protecting the dispensing equipment. Among many advantages, utilizing a reconnectable breakaway provides the user with the ability to minimize downtime and allow all hose points to be put back in service as quickly as possible following a separation event.

Most reconnectable breakaways have been specifically engineered to be easily reconnected. For example, to reconnect the OPW 66REC Dry Reconnectable Breakaway just “push and twist” until you hear the audible click, signifying the unit has been correctly reconnected. The 66REC requires only 15 pounds of force to reconnect and its dry operation prevents liquid from spraying on the fuel-site operator or technician during the reconnection process. 

For instructions on how to reconnect your OPW 66REC Dry Reconnectable Breakaway, please refer to the installation instructions

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