Stage II Decommissioning Update

By OPW | Jun 19, 2014

As the year 2014 passes the halfway point, OPW would like to bring its readers an update to a blog post that was published in December of last year. The original post examined regulations passed in 2013 that would have a profound effect on those in the oil and gas industry.

12vwOne of the new mandates passed in 2013 was the EPA allowing individual states to decide to decommission Stage II Vapor Recovery Systems. As states allow gasoline-dispensing facilities (GDFs) to forgo Stage II Vapor Recovery Equipment, GDFs should consider reviewing their existing equipment. This is because conventional fueling equipment and components generally cost less to purchase, test, license, replace and repair.

Having said that, not all GDFs are the same and have different needs, there is no set solution. Safety should always be the number one priority. If a GDF does decide to switch from Stage II Vapor Recovery Equipment, they should check with their state's EPA for a comprehensive list of restrictions and/or requirements.

As of this posting, states such as Ohio, Virginia, New York, Texas and others have determined that GDFs may discontinue the use of Stage II Vapor Recovery Systems. However, many of these same states have adopted specific requirements before individual sites can decommission their equipment. For any fuel dispensing equipment and component needs, contact your OPW Sales Representative.

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