Growing Together For 40 Years

By OPW | May 23, 2017
John M. Ellsworth Co., Inc. began with its founder, John M. Ellsworth, who has been immersed in the petroleum, fire, loading systems and sanitation industries for over 40 years. Before the Internet, virtual territories separated suppliers and John’s expertise and foresight allowed JME to progressively grow into its role as a pioneer in the competitive industry. JME_building

JME’s major breakthrough on a national distribution scale came in the early 2000s when Citgo expressed interest in bringing them on as the main service station supplier for its 15,000-20,000 stores across the country. Shortly after, JME became one of the first companies in the industry to fully utilize the power of the Internet, which opened doors to international business opportunities that were previously closed.

Thanks to catalogs, the Internet, new products, new vendors, and larger stocking facilities, the industry has changed drastically over the last few decades. JME has faced these changes head on with a singular commitment in mind: finding the right products for customers at a reasonable price. Throughout its 40 years in business, JME has adapted to meet customer needs without compromising their core values, and has developed into a globally trusted supplier.

John Ellsworth reflects on a successful relationship with OPW that’s contributed to decades of mutual success. 

John M. Ellsworth Co., Inc. has been an OPW distributor for over 40 years. Our relationship with OPW has been instrumental in helping our company grow from two employees in a home office to almost fifty employees in a 50,000 square foot facility.  We consider OPW an extension of the JME family and appreciate the strong relationships we have developed with OPW employees over the years.  

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