Alaska Rubber Group Powers the Pacific Northwest

By OPW | Jul 13, 2017

The Alaska Rubber Group has grown to become a leading industrial supplier to the oil and gas, mining, fishing, timber, agriculture, marine, and construction industries across Alaska and Washington. The company offers a wide variety of quality products from leading manufacturers including OPW. With a strategic focus to make customer service the cornerstone of their business model, they’ve built and maintained a loyal customer base over the years.

Established in 1980 as Alaska Rubber and Supply, Inc., the company got its start in Anchorage, Alaska. Today, the Anchorage facility remains the largest in the group and serves as corporate headquarters. Becoming a 100% employee-owned company in 2006 provided the foundation for what would become the Alaska Rubber Group. The addition of a Wasilla, Alaska, branch in 2009 and the acquisition of Alaska Rubber and Rigging in Fairbanks, Alaska, doubled the company’s size and footprint in the state.

The Alaska Rubber Group saw further growth in 2013 with the acquisition of five companies in Washington state. Then in July 2014, the company opened a facility in Kenai, Alaska, which allowed them to provide greater statewide coverage and service the thriving Kenai Peninsula oil and gas industry.

Alaska Rubber Group
The Alaska Rubber Group currently employs 100 people across nine locations throughout Alaska and Washington. All nine locations function as retail and wholesale distributors serving many industries throughout the region.

We spoke with Mike Mortensen, Chief Operating Officer, about his relationship with OPW that’s contributed to decades of mutual success.

“I’ve been working with OPW ever since I started with the Alaska Rubber Group in 1984 and it’s always been a strong partnership. We distribute many OPW products and everything really is top notch.  OPW represents support and we applaud our trusted partner on 125 years of business.“

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