OPW Fueling Containment Systems Proudly Introduces the Next Generation FlexWorks Pipe

By OPW | May 27, 2011

You spoke, and we listened. In response to the voice of our customers, OPW is pleased to announce the arrival of our Next Generation FlexWorks Pipe. Just as you requested, we increased pipe flexibilityreduced memory, and secured all official UL971 approvals including Concentrated Fuels Certification. No need for new fittings either. All of our new leapfrog technology double-wall fittings can be used seamlessly with the new Next Generation FlexWorks Pipe.

How does the new pipe compare to the old pipe? Both pipes have KYNAR® liners and covers. However, the Next Generation Enhanced KYNAR® Liner used on our new pipe provides improved processability, which enhances the chemical bond. As you may know, KYNAR® is among the most dense and inert thermoplastics in existence and has been used with great success in OPW fuel pipes since our entry into the market in 1997. KYNAR® has a 50 year track record of stellar performance with the most aggressive applications and chemicals and provides the best chemical resistance, permeation barrier, and long term performance with all fuels and additives, including all alcohols, bio fuels, and DEF.

What is special about the new pipe?

• Increased FlexibilityReduced Memory and Reduced Weight enhances installation ease

• Force required to bend the pipe has been reduced significantly to facilitate piping layout

• Inherent pipe memory has been reduced to facilitate connection of pipes inside sumps

• Pipe weight has been reduced to facilitate shipping and handling

• Redesigned Interstitial Space Profile for Enhanced Leak Detection Performance

The new pipe will begin shipping in June as a running change. Pipe orders will be automatically converted to the new pipe as it becomes available.

Additional Information: For additional information on the new Next Generation FlexWorks Pipe, please see our Next GenerationFlexWorks Pipe FAQ document. As always, feel free to contact your local OPW District Manager, or our OPW Customer Service department at (800) 422-2525 if you need more information. Everyone at OPW appreciates your business and continued support.