OPW and Petroman Announce Global TVS Licensing Agreement

By OPW | Sep 02, 2012

Prague, Czech Republic – OPW Fueling Components EMEA, a global business unit of OPW Fueling Components Group, a Dover Company (NYSE: DOV), is pleased to announce that it has signed a new global licensing agreement with Petroman in which OPW will produce and market all components of the Total Vapour Solution™ (TVS) vapour-recovery system under the OPW brand. The TVS is the most effective way to recover lost petroleum vapours for conversion back into sellable fuel, which increases fuels margins and helps station owner/operators to achieve a financial return from Stage I and Stage II vapour recovery. OPW and Petroman, a UK-based company specializing in the development, manufacture and installation of vapour-control systems for the petrochemical industry, began collaboration in July 2008 and jointly developed the TVS.

 “Based on market feedback, this new licensing agreement creates opportunities for us to design different packages for the TVS based on market requirements and customers requests,” said Carman Kobza, OPW Managing Director of EMEA. “Each TVS component can be combined independently into a unique TVS solution that best suits the individual needs of each customer, in terms of both forecourt profitability and environmental safety. It also gives us the ability to cover a much broader market, including those that require different price points and options.”

 The TVS was introduced to fueling markets in early 2009 to rave reviews. Among the awards the TVS has earned are a prestigious Green Directory listing at Automechanika Frankfort 2010, where more than 25,000 products were on display, as well as an Innovation Prize the same year at the Federation Francaise des Combustiles, Carburants & Chauffage exhibition in Paris. The initial success of the TVS has subsequently opened up the market to include smaller and mid-sized fueling sites around the globe, including markets that do not require Stage I or II vapour-recovery systems. The TVS consists of four main components:

  • OPW Vaporsaver™ Membrane Processing Unit – Converts vapour back into liquid and saleable product, which allows clean air to be released to the atmosphere.
  • Accumulus Valve – Reduces tank pressure during delivery by introducing the vapour back into the liquid flow.
  • Softfill System – Calms delivery to reduce turbulence-caused vapour generation in the tank, which occurs when the fuel is passed down the drop tube into the tank.
  • Vapour Management Panel – Prevents vapour from traveling back into the tanker so it can be processed back into saleable fluid.

Fuel marketers can incorporate any of the four components, in any combination, into their fueling operation depending on its needs. Whether using just one or all four components, the licensing agreement allows the retailer to say that it is utilizing an OPW TVS vapour-recovery system.

“We are pleased that this new agreement allows OPW to go to the next step…to offer the market a tailor-made, customizable vapour recovery solution for all sizes of retail stations. By customizing this product, retailers will be able to increase profits while protecting the environment, no matter the size of the site,” said Rodney Carter, Owner of Petroman.  

For more information on OPW Fueling Components EMEA, or the TVS, please visit www.OPWTVS.com or www.OPWGlobal.com.  

OPW, Dover Company (NYSE: DOV), is the global leader in dispensing products, environmental systems, secondarily contained fuel delivery systems, fuel management systems and clean energy fueling products, including dispensing nozzles for vapor recovery, gasoline, diesel, LPG, Hydrogen and CNG; swivels, breakaways, valves and fittings; underground and aboveground storage tank equipment, spill containers, overfill prevention devices, secondary containment sumps and flexible piping; tank gauging equipment and automated fuel management systems. OPW is part of the Dover Energy Segment of Dover Corporation (NYSE: DOV).