Epsilon™ Dry Disconnect Couplings Help Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Decrease Product Costs, Increase Safety

By OPW | Jan 22, 2016
Pressure to reduce production costs, decrease yield variance and maintain safety compliance is spurring interest in advanced chemical-transfer equipment

LEBANON, OHIO – January 21, 2016 - OPW Engineered Systems, part of OPW's Fluids market segment within Dover Corporation (NYSE:DOV), is pleased to announce that its Epsilon™ Dry Disconnect Couplings feature a series of design and operational features that make them ideal for use in critical in-plant and railcar/tank-truck chemical-transfer applications in pharmaceutical manufacturing. Examples of volatile, hazardous or high-value pharmaceutical compounds whose transfer can benefit from the use of Epsilon disconnects include dichloromethane, toluene, ammonia (23%), pharmaceutical slurries and Syltherm.
Epsilon Product Photo
What sets the Epsilon apart from competitive dry disconnect technologies in these applications is a design that utilizes ball valves rather than poppets to facilitate the opening and closing of the coupling. This unique construction allows a convex ball to seat with a concave ball when the valve is opened, producing a straight-through flow path that creates no areas where chemicals can nest. The result is fluid transfer that experiences no reduction in flow rate while virtually eliminating the occurrence of product spills when the coupling is disconnected. A series of five independent and redundant mechanical locks also prevents the Epsilon coupling from becoming accidentally disconnected, which removes the threat of unintentional spills and catastrophic chemical releases.

"Epsilon Dry Disconnect Couplings are in demand because the era of blockbuster drugs has changed. Therefore, our clients need to be as cost-effective and as safe as possible when creating their pharmaceutical products," said Dave Morrow, Director of Products for OPW Engineered Systems. "Minimizing product loss can decrease production costs and yield variances, and it can dramatically increase safety. Those are results that customers demand and that is why they are asking for Epsilon." 

Epsilon Dry Disconnect Couplings are constructed of 316 stainless steel or Hastelloy® and available in 3/4”, 1”, 1-1/2”, 2” and 3” sizes, with the option of end connections complying to either ANSI or DIN standards. All Epsilon coupling models are approved/listed for pressure service by a comprehensive list of international regulating agencies.

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