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Download the lists below to view and print our current listing FlexWorks trained installers.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a current list of trained installers who have been trained on installation of the FlexWorks System. If you are a trained installer holding a current training certificate and you are not on this list, please contact the OPW Retail Fueling Marketing Department by emailing Lisa Lovering or by phone: 919-209-2442.

Contractor Training Certifications: Contractor Training Certifications are valid for 2 years from the date of training. Please contact the OPW Retail Fueling District Manager in your area to schedule recertification prior to the expiration date. If you do not know who the District Manager is for your area, or if you have other questions regarding Contractor Training, please contact our Marketing Department by emailing Lisa Lovering or by phone: 919-209-2442.

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(1) United States
Trained FlexWorks Contractors in the United States
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(2) Canada
Trained FlexWorks Contractors in Canada
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Australia (2-February-2017)
Trained FlexWorks contractors in Austrialia
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