OPW Fueling Components Introduces Innovative EDGE 1 Single-Wall Spill Container

By OPW | Oct 06, 2008

New EDGE 1™ to debut at NACS/PEI Show in Chicago at OPW booth No. 5440

CINCINNATI, OHIO – October 6, 2008 – OPW Fueling Components, the global leader in commercial and retail fueling equipment, is proud to announce the latest advancement in its line of spill-containment products with the introduction of the new EDGE 1™ Single-Wall Spill Container. While the new EDGE 1™ is among the most durable single-wall spill containers available in the petroleum market today, it offers much more to fuel marketers since it is also upgradeable to a double-wall spill container without breaking concrete. In addition to its double-wall upgradeability, the design of the EDGE 1™ enables its spill bucket and snow-plow ring to be replaced aboveground, also without breaking concrete. The industry will get its first glimpse of the new EDGE 1™ at the NACS/PEI Show in Chicago on Oct. 4-7 at OPW's booth No. 5440.

"At OPW, we always listen to our customer's needs before designing a new product. With double-wall containment being increasingly mandated across the country, our customers need a cost-effective way to upgrade their single wall spill-containment systems to comply with these new requirements, while also providing a higher level of protection, lower installation costs and ease of maintenance," said Aldo Sucaldito, Product Manager for OPW Environmental Systems. "The new EDGE 1™ provides all of that and more to our customers."

The EDGE 1™ Single-Wall Spill Container provides the lowest overall cost of ownership of any single-wall spill bucket. This unique spill container comes equipped with numerous design features and benefits such as:
Single-wall to double-wall upgradeable bucket design eliminates need to break concrete to upgrade to a double-wall spill bucket

  • Roto-molded technology provides for thicker, more robust bellows
  • Both the spill bucket and the snow-plow ring can be easily replaced from above ground without breaking concrete.
  • Thread-on bucket design ensures leak-free integrity, especially in the event of ground movement
  • Four convenient anchoring ears provide for better anchoring and longevity
  • Corrosion-resistant polyethylene skirt provides increased rigidity and superior reliability over corrosive metallic skirts
  • Use of seals on spill bucket eliminates need for messy sealants and reduces service time and costs
  • Dimensionally equivalent in height (16.5 ") to existing single-wall buckets–allowing the use of the same riser pipe and eliminating the need to make height adjustments
  • EDGE1 Series Single Wall Spill Container is Approved by the Florida DEP, File No, MH27236, File No. EQ-718.

When compared with competitive units, the EDGE 1™ Single-Wall Spill Container offers superior reliability and performance, as well as time and labor savings, making the EDGE 1™ the true next generation of single-wall spill containment.

For additional information on the new EDGE 1™ Single-Wall Spill Container, please contact OPW Customer Service at (800) 422-2525.