OPW Introduces 21Gv ORVR Nozzle Designed to Help Marketers Significantly Reduce ORVR Compliance Costs

By OPW | Apr 27, 2009

CINCINNATI, OHIO – April 27, 2009 – OPW Fueling Components, a Dover Company (NYSE: DOV) and the global leader in commercial and retail fueling equipment, announced today the introduction of its innovative 21Gv ORVR Nozzle. The 21Gv ORVR Nozzle is designed to make ORVR compliance easy and affordable for marketers by eliminating the need for proprietary ORVR vapor recovery equipment, significantly reducing their overall equipment, installation and maintenance costs.

Being promoted as 21st century innovation for a cleaner, greener world, the 21Gv incorporates a patent-pending on-board refueling canister sensing device and standard M34 inverted coaxial inlet threads, so it can be used with the majority of certified vapor recovery systems and hanging hardware. When the nozzle senses an ORVR canister on a vehicle being fueled, the nozzle automatically shuts off the vapor flow to significantly reduce air ingestion into the underground storage tank to prevent excess tank pressurization and excess emissions from being vented into the atmosphere.

"The 21Gv makes becoming compliant significantly more affordable and easy for marketers," states Brandon Grote, OPW-FC Product Manager. "Now, you can use standard, affordable and readily available vacuum-assist vapor recovery hoses, breakaways, swivels, and whip hoses and simply change the nozzles. It is easiest, most affordable ORVR-compliant solution on the market today."

"The 21Gv represents the best overall ORVR-compliance solution and value in the industry," says Rahul Deshmukh, OPW-FC General Manager. "It offers the most affordable solution for owners, meets compliance requirements for regulators, makes the job fast and easy for service contractors, and helps distributors simplify and reduce the amount of inventory they have to carry for ORVR equipment. Now, all they need is a single nozzle!"

To learn more about the benefits and features of the OPW 21Gv ORVR Nozzle, please visit us at www.21GV.com; contact your local OPW District Manager or Customer Service at (800) 422-2525.

OPW Fueling Components is the global leader in dispensing products, environmental systems, secondarily contained fuel delivery systems, fuel management systems and clean energy fueling products, including dispensing nozzles for vapor recovery, gasoline, diesel, LPG, Hydrogen and CNG; swivels, breakaways, valves and fittings; underground and above ground storage tank equipment, spill containers, overfill prevention devices, secondary containment sumps and flexible piping; tank gauging equipment and automated fuel management systems. OPW is part of the Fluid Management Segment of Dover Corporation (NYSE: DOV).